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Citizens Bank acquired Srijana Finance Limited !!!

Head Office:
Hanuman Das Road, Biratnagar 8 Morang
Phone Numbers: +977 21 525953,+977 21 527510, Fax No.:+977 21 528048, E-mail: [email protected], Website:
Srijana Finance Notices are published in all newspapers & websites in Nepal. Their notices about KYC Updates, Interest Rates, Sealed Bids, Loan Payments, Share IPO, FPO, Auction, Right Share information, Financial Reports, Quotation, Meeting,  ASBA, ATM and Branch Location, Vacancy Announcement, e-Banking Services and much more.

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Srijana Finance Limited was established on 26 Mangsir 2057 with an objective of providing competitive and modern banking services in the Nepalese financial Sector. The company always focuses on building sound technology driven internal system to cater the changing needs of the customer that enhance high comfort and value. by well known business of Purbanchal. Srijana Finance Limited has commenced its financial transaction since 26 MANGSIR 2057 now operating under "Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063"SEC47.

Why Banking with us

Send or receive money for reason more than one: education, medical purpose, gifting maintenance for loved ones or donation for a cause. Srijana Finance enables you to receive and transfer fund to your beneficiaries through the most efficient channel, network of NMB Bank Limited. We facilitate quick and easy transfer of your funds by assuring complete security.