Gold and Silver Rate in Nepal

In the latest market developments, the prices of Fine Gold and Tejabi Gold have witnessed a decline, while Silver experienced a slight increase. These fluctuations have caught the attention of investors and buyers alike.

Fine Gold, a highly sought-after precious metal, is now priced at Rs.108,100 per tola, reflecting a decrease of Rs.200 compared to the previous day. This dip in value has sparked interest among gold enthusiasts who may see it as an opportunity to make purchases at a relatively lower price.

Similarly, Tejabi Gold, another popular choice among buyers, has also observed a drop in its market value. Currently valued at Rs.107,600 per tola, it has experienced a decrease of Rs.200 in its daily rate. The decline in Tejabi Gold's price may attract buyers who prefer this particular type of gold for its unique characteristics.

On the other hand, Silver, a more affordable precious metal compared to gold, has witnessed a positive shift in its market value. Priced at Rs.1,360 per tola, it has experienced an increase of Rs.15 in its daily rate. This rise in Silver's price might be of interest to individuals who view it as a more accessible investment option.

These market fluctuations in the prices of Fine Gold, Tejabi Gold, and Silver reflect the dynamic nature of the precious metals industry. Investors, collectors, and buyers are closely monitoring these changes, assessing the potential implications for their portfolios and purchase decisions.

As always, it is important for individuals to stay informed about the current market trends and consult with experts before making any investment or purchasing decisions related to precious metals.


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