Investment Opportunity in Nepal

Company Name Type Total Units Opening Closing dates Issue Manager
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. Bond Coming soon 4,000,000 2077-10-162077-10-20 RBB Merchant Banking Ltd.
Narayani Development Bank Ltd. Right Share (1:1) Coming soon 656,169 2077-10-132077-11-3 Global IME Capital Ltd.
Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) Promoter Shares Open 103,700 2077-9-292077-10-10 Nabil Investment Banking Ltd
Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) Right Share (1:0.8284) Open 13,592,592 2077-9-282077-10-19 RBB Merchant Banking Ltd.
Sanima Large Cap Fund Mutual Fund Open 85,000,000 2077-10-92077-10-13 Sanima Capital
Singati Hydro Energy Ltd IPO for Locals Open 1,450,000 2077-10-42077-10-18 Mega Capital Market Ltd.
API Power Company Ltd. Promoter Shares Closed 1,346,218 2077-9-92077-9-13 Siddhartha Capital
Prabhu Insurance Ltd. Promoter Shares Closed 735,000 2077-9-72077-9-21 Muktinath Capital Limited
Api Power Company Limited Auction Closed 1,346,218 2077-9-62077-9-13 Siddhartha Capital Limited
NIC Asia Bank Ltd. Promoter Share: CIT:2,02,560 Units NLICL:1,02,866 Units ALICL:1,28,790 Units SLICL:1,89,664 Units Closed 623,880 2077-9-272077-10-5 NIC Asia Capital
Chandragiri Hills Limited IPO Closed 1,396,022 2077-9-242077-9-28 Global IME Capital
Excel Development Bank Auction (Promoter Share) Closed 145,319 2077-9-192077-10-4 Prabhu Capital Limited
NIC Asia Bank Limited Promoter Shares Closed 627,200 2077-9-192077-9-24 NIC Asia Capital
Nepal Finance Limited Promoter shares Closed 260,169 2077-9-172077-9-24 Prabhu Capital Ltd
Multipurpose Finance Company Ltd Promoter Shares Closed 1,759,621 2077-9-172077-10-2 Civil Capital Market ltd
Nerude Laghubita Promoter Shares Closed 52,750 2077-9-162077-9-23 Sunrise Capital
Swabalamban Bikas Bank Ltd. Promoter Shares Closed 126,000 2077-8-72077-9-12 Sunrise Capital
Nepal Finance Right Share (1:1.25) Closed 1,697,506 2077-8-42077-8-24 Prabhu Capital Ltd
Forward Microfinance Promoter Shares Closed 375,307 2077-8-42077-9-8 NIBL Ace Capital
United IDI Mardi and RB Hydropower Company Limited IPO Closed 873,910 2077-8-32077-8-7 Global IME Capital
Prabhu Life Insurance Company Ltd. IPO Closed 5,400,000 2077-8-292077-9-2 Siddhartha Capital Ltd.
First Microfinance Laghubitta Promoter Shares Closed 150,000 2077-8-282077-9-19 Muktinath Capital Ltd.
Nerude Laghubita Bikas Bank Ltd. Promoter Shares Closed 86,900 2077-8-252077-9-2 Sunrise Capital Ltd.
NIC Asia Bank Ltd. Promoter Share CIT:2,02,560 Units NLICL:1,25,726 Units Closed 328,286 2077-8-252077-9-1 NIC Asia Capital
Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) Promoter Shares Closed 50,000 2077-8-252077-9-2 Nabil Investment Banking
Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. Debentures Closed 640,000 2077-8-242077-8-28 Nabil Investment Banking Ltd
Prabhu Insurance Ltd. Promoter Shares Closed 735,000 2077-8-212077-8-28 Muktinath Capital Ltd.
Chandragiri Hills Ltd. IPO Closed 306,819 2077-8-172077-9-1 Global IME Capital
National Microfinance Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha L Promoter Shares Closed 104,000 2077-8-172077-9-1 NIBL Ace Capital Ltd.
NIC Asia Bank Ltd. Promoter Shares: CIT:2,02,560 Units | SLICL:1,92,994 Units | ALICL:1,39,470 Units | NLICL:1,25,726 U Closed 660,750 2077-8-142077-8-19 NIC Asia Capital
NIC Asia Bank Ltd. Mutual Fund: Closed 42,500,000 2077-8-122077-8-16 NIC Asia Capital Ltd.
NIC Asia Dynamic Debt Fund Mutual Fund Closed 42,500,000 2077-8-122077-8-16 NIC Asia Capital Ltd.
Samriddhi Finance Company Ltd. Promoter :13,85,268 Units & Ordinary :4,66,089 Units Closed 1,851,357 2077-8-102077-8-17 BOK Capital
Mountain Energy Nepal Limited IPO Closed 1,830,265 2077-7-262077-8-2 Nabil Investment Banking Ltd
Api Power Company Limited Right Share (1:0.476) Closed 5,670,000 2077-7-142077-8-4 Siddhartha Capital Limited
United IDI Mardi and RB Hydropower Company Limited IPO Closed 420,000 2077-6-72077-7-6 Global IME Capital
Sunrise Capital Limited Promoter Shares Closed 428,580 2077-6-62077-6-20 RBB Merchant Banking Ltd.
Premier Insurance Company Ltd. Promoter Shares (Citizen Investment Trust - CIT) Closed 50,000 2077-6-302077-6-14 Nabil Investment Banking
Civil Laghubitta Promoter Share: 11,608 Units, Ordinary Shares:77,842 Units) Closed 89,450 2077-6-252077-7-2 Century Capital Markets P. Ltd.
Sanima General Insurance Ltd. IPO Closed 3,000,000 2077-6-212077-6-25 NIC Asia Capital
Neco Insurance Ltd. Promoter Shares Closed 1,070,206 2077-6-202077-7-4 Sunrise Capital
Nepal Clearning House Limited Promoter Shares Closed 298,080 2077-6-202077-7-24 Muktinath Capital Ltd.
Nepal Credit And Commercial Bank Limited Promoter Shares Closed 500,000 2077-6-22077-7-6 NIBL Ace Capital
National Microfinance Laghubitta Promoter Shares Closed 110,000 2077-6-22077-7-6 NIBL Ace Capital
Surya Life Insurance Company Limited Promoter Share Closed 39,100 2077-6-22077-6-9 NIC Asia Capital
Samriddhi Finance Company Limited Right Share (1:2) Closed 3,639,606 2077-6-162077-7-6 BOK Capital
Siddhartha Bank Limited Debenture Closed 1,200,000 2077-6-162077-6-20 NMB Capital
Civil Bank Limited Promoter shares Closed 867,604 2077-6-162077-8-2 Civil Capital Market Ltd.
Gurans Life Insurance Company Ltd. Promoter Shares: 3,37,565 Units - Ordinary Shares: 2,52,449 Units Closed 590,014 2077-6-132077-6-19 NMB Capital
General Insurance Company Nepal Ltd. IPO Closed 3,000,000 2077-6-112077-6-14 NIBL Ace Capital
Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. Promoter Shares: 11,33,344.70 Units and Ordinary Shares:7,07,394.93 Units Closed 1,840,740 2077-6-112077-6-18 Mega Capital Market Ltd.
Premier Insurance Company Ltd. Auction (Promoter Share) Closed 50,000 2077-5-82077-5-15 Nabil Investment Banking
Samaj Laghubitta IPO Closed 80,700 2077-5-42077-5-8 Siddhartha Capital
Reliance Life Insurance IPO Closed 5,670,000 2077-5-42077-5-8 Sanima Capital
Mountain Energy Nepal Limited IPO for Locals Resident Closed 1,968,027 2077-5-312077-6-14 Nabil Investment Banking
Liberty Energy Company Limited साधारण शेयर (IPO) Closed 3,564,930 2077-5-32077-5-7 Nibl Ace Capital
Bank of Kathmandu Limited Auction (Promoter Share) Closed 316,156 2077-5-12077-6-4 NMB Capital
Sahara Bikas Bank Ltd. Auction (Promoter Share) Closed 921,148 2077-4-302077-5-23 NIBL Ace Capital
Civil Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited Right Share (1:1) Closed 1,141,140 2077-4-252077-5-29 Century Capital Market Ltd.
NLG Insurance Company Ltd. Auction Closed 161,078 2077-4-222077-4-29 Laxmi capital Market Limited
Shikhar Insurance Company Limited Auction Closed 87,412 2077-4-212077-4-28 NIBL Ace Capital
Prabhu Bank Limited Debentures Closed 760,000 2077-4-192077-4-23 Nabil Investment Banking
NRN Infrastructure and Development Limited IPO Closed 3,398,046 2077-4-162077-4-21 Sanima Capital
Laxmi Bank Limited Mutual Fund (Laxmi Unnati Kosh) Closed 68,000,000 2077-4-112077-4-25 Laxmi capital Market Limited
Nepal Infrastructure Bank Ltd (NIFRA) IPO Closed 75,840,000 2077-10-22077-10-6 NIBL Ace Capital Limited
Citizen Bank International Limited FPO Closed 463,826 2075-4-152075-4-18 Global IME Capital

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