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Financial Notices is Digital Notice Portal, has been transforming access to financial notices around the nation. It is Nepal's leading Bank and Financial Institutions notice service provider, licensed by the Government of Nepal. We are pioneers and are the leader of notice base financial literacy providers in Nepal.  Financial Notices provide their services through website, android and ios app too.

Financial Notices provides a platform to consolidate the notices, audio notice, the latest news, new scheme, upcoming events and important information of every Bank & Financial Institution and disseminate them to users through the web portal and Mobile Application (Android & iOS). It includes all financial notices that are published in different news Print Media and on the individual websites of the financial companies.

The information related to the bank and financial institution to its customer is mainly published in national newspapers in Nepal and we understand it’s not possible for every customer demographic to have access to such notices and information on a daily basis. We intend to engage with as many users as possible through our web portal and mobile app, providing access to different notices and information published on a daily basis.

We offers bank and financial institutions easy access to reach out to their customers regarding the notices and information published by any bank and financial institutions.

Introduction and objective of the Company

Financial Notices.com was established in 2017 under Advertising Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Nayabazar-16 Kathmandu, Nepal. Advertising Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a professional digital advertising agency established to enhance and utilize the web industry whilst attracting relevant viewers to their portal. It also provides a full range of advertising and software development services. We are a registered company under the Department of Information of the government of Nepal as well as Press Council Nepal.

The idea of Financialnotices.com was established through continuous market research. Hence, our mission is to establish long-term customer relationships based on trust and commitment to meet the requirement of digital marketing which ultimately promotes the financial literacy among the common people and also fulfill the part of social responsibility. The next stage in our business model is to make people’s “right to information,” secure in the context of financial notices by making them aware of all necessary information and updates without having to scan over different newspapers. We aim to gather all past/present financial notices and information and hold it all in one place and provide customers with an ease of access to all financial information through an online hub in Nepal.

We attempt not only to understand your service needs but also understand your customers. At the same time, we aim to determine the most appropriate and efficient solution to make your financial information and promotional campaign more visible and marketable to your existing and prospective clients.


Our Web portal: www.financialnotices.com

To make your information and notices easily accessible to customers and clients, we have pitched the idea in the form of www.financialnotices.com. We will be the go-to web portal for financial notices where the customers can:
• View every single financial notice in one single place. 
• Print and download the notices.
• Find the latest news related to bank and financial institutions
• Email alert system for new notices (after subscribing to the e-newslatter)
• Covers all daily newspapers and online financial web portals.
• Filtering options to choose the specific institution and choose them directly. 
• All information regarding the new offer/schemes, Branch locations, ATM networks and branchless banking agents.


Our application on Play Store: “Financial notices”

Recognizing the need for building easy access to these issues, “Financial notices.com” has also launched its own app through which consumers can regularly be updated with notices and policies that are published in newspapers and individual website. The consumers are now a scroll away from the access to their desired information through our go-to mobile application where the users can use the facilities of:

1. BFIs Digital Notices:
Users can easily see the bank and financial institutions digital notice as per different categories.

2. New Schemes:
To know about new offers of banks and financial institutions through New Scheme.

3. Upcoming Events:
To get information of upcoming programs of banks and financial institutions through Upcoming Events.

4. Audio Notice:
Audio Notice helps you in listen all the bank and financial institutions information/notices on audio version.

5. Branch Finder:
Branches/ATM of banks and financial institutions to be found according to province, district, metropolis, sub-metropolis, municipality, village municipality.

6. Financial Institutions info:
All the information regarding the Branch Locations, ATM Networks and Branch less Banking Agents can be found easily.

7. Latest financial News:
Viewers find financial news related to financial institutions which is published in various economic web portals in Nepal.

8. Expense Tracker:
'Expense Tracker' allows you to record the daily income and expenses of the company or an individual. It will give you financial control and save you time and money. You'll know where your money goes, how much you are saving, and be able to set goals and track progress.

9. Credit Tracker:
'Credit Tracker' helps you to record the credit transactions of the company or an individual.

10. Ledger Book:
It allows small business owners to manage their accounting books digitally.

11. Investment Opportunity:
Financial Notices provides Investment opportunity information of all shares. (IPO/FPO, Auction, Debenture, Right Share and Mutual Fund.)

12. Financial Calculator:
Users can use the EMI calculator and share calculator tools.

13. Economic Horoscopes (Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly).

14. Daily Share Price of Stock Market.

15. Users can get daily latest update of daily foreign exchange rate price.

16. Latest update of Gold & Silver Prices in NPR.

17. Notification:
All registered users get notification of updated notices after setting filter option.

18. Favorite:
Users can marked required notices and new schemes as favorite.

19. Date Based Search Facility:
Users can search notices according to the published date.

20. Fintech Offer:
It is utilized to help companies, business owners and consumers better manage their financial operations, processes, and lives by utilizing specialized fintech offer.

20. Cover All Newspapers.

21. Download & Share Facility.

22. MeroShare Login Facility.

23. Share IPO/FPO Results:

Mobile App Download Link:

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Financial Technology, nowadays better known under the term 'Fintech', describes a business that aims at providing financial services by making use of software and modern technology. Combining the latest technological developments with financial services and applications, we have helped the banking industry provide better financial services to businesses and consumers. We use Fintech from information assembling and dissemination to payment services through our website and mobile application.

We are the first and only online financial notice portal in Nepal that presents all financial institutions’ notice, information, and data through one informative web portal. Working with a team of well-experienced program developers and web media handlers, Financialnotices.com has put its best on developing the interactive website, staff on hold for quick responsiveness for any queries and other members for continuously updating and sending the information through SEO and other online platforms for continuous reach by the old and new customers. 

Through our technical skills development training and soft skills development programs, our staff is continuously improving to find a better outcome of their activities. We have also been using the CRM software which has been playing an important role in creating better customer relationships on the online platform. We also carry out different Financial Literacy Programs, ICT and Innovative Programs, visiting management colleges in Nepal, online Advertising and print media advertising programs.

Our web promotional activities have achieved a high success rate in a limited period of time. With our user-friendly website and mobile application, there is no disputing that both of our financial customers, Financial Institutions and users will be benefitted to no end. 


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