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Putalisadak 2nd Floor, Share Market Commercial Complex, Kathmandu 44600, Telephone: 01-4229124
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Notices Of Sanima Capital, subsidiary of Sanima Bank Ltd are published in different Newspaper and web portal. Theirs notices are related to Portfolio Management, Depositary ParticipantRegistrar to Share, Issue Management, Advisory, Securities Underwriting such as IPO, Right Share, Tender, Auction, Promoter Share Notice, Book Close, Share Distribution, Bonus Share, Dividend, AGM Notice, Financial Results Quarterly, Fund Related Notice, Share Debenture Notice and many more.

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3rd AGM Notice

Abhiyan Newspaper

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3rd AGM Notice

Abhiyan News Paper

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5th Annual General Meeting

2020-11-06 Sanima Capital

Company's Registard Office, Putalisadak, Kathmandu (2:00 pm)

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