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Head Office:
Dillibazar, Charkhal Road, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No.: 01-4430527/4437401/4437403,Fax No.: 01-4011525, Email: [email protected], URL:
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Gurkhas Finance Limited was established on 2051 B.S. It has been giving excellent service to its valuable customer for 23 years. Since the day of inception till date the motto of the finance has remained towards the better and easy service to the customer. The company has started its service from the paid up capital amount Rs. 2 Crore. Now the company has been able to raise the paid up capital amounted to NRS 86.79 crore. The Profit, Net worth, collection of deposit and investment are in growing trend. The company is also able to abide by the rules and regulation of the regulatory bodies. It has been able to keep enough liquidity ratios. It is also succeed in providing the regular dividends to the shareholder.

Vision: To establish the company as the best financial institution in the financial industry by providing prompt and easy processing service to the valuable customer.

Mission: To establish the company as trustworthy and excellent finance company by gaining the trust of several customer.


    Serving the customer by inducing modern and contemporary financial product.
    To provide the high rate of return to the depositor.
    To provide competitive rate to the borrower.
    To provide appropriate counseling for the needy customer.
    Quick servicing policy.
    Social obligation, transparency and trustworthy finance company.
    Contribution to national economic growth.
    Maximizing shareholder wealth.
    Complying with all the policies of regulatory bodies.
    Providing healthy working environment, challenging career, learning and growth opportunities to employee.