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Head Office:
B.J. Bhawan, Pradarsani Marg, P.O. Box: 20136, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel : 00977 – 01 – 4223117 / 4261104 / 4261041 / 4261167, Fax : 00977 – 01 – 4220698, Email :, Website :
Reliance Finance released various types of Notice related to Vacancy Announcement, Financial Reports, Sealed Bids, Loan Payments, Interest Rates, Share Information, Tender Notice, Quotation, Suchi Darta Notice, ASBA System Notice, Demat Account Notice, E-Banking Notice and so on in different Newspaper and Digital media.

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Cash Bonus Distribution Notice

Abhiyan News Paper

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Vendor Listing Notice

Annapurna Post

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Unaudited Financial Result

Rajshahi Daily

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Share Auction Notice

Aarthik Abhiyan

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Loan Payments Notice

Annapurna Post

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