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    Monthly Financial Information For Member

    Shubh Sandesh Multi-Purpose Cooperative Limited Reports Solid Financial Performance in Monthly Statement Release

    Shubh Sandesh Multi-Purpose Cooperative Limited, a leading cooperative in the Kathmandu Valley (Kuleshower, Kathmandu Area), has recently published its monthly financial statements. In a notification to its members, the cooperative announced that it has released the financial statement for the end of Falgun 2079, in compliance with the instructions issued by the cooperative department on 31st of Shravan 2079.

    The financial statement provides a detailed overview of the cooperative's financial performance over the past month, including its revenue, expenses, and net income. The cooperative's management has expressed satisfaction with the results, noting that the cooperative has continued to perform well despite the challenging economic environment.

    "We are pleased to report that Shubh Sandesh Multi-Purpose Cooperative Limited has achieved another month of solid financial performance," said the cooperative's spokesperson. "Our results demonstrate our commitment to financial stability and our ability to navigate through challenging times."

    The cooperative's members have welcomed the release of the financial statement, noting that it provides them with greater transparency and insight into the cooperative's financial health. Many members have expressed confidence in the cooperative's management and its ability to continue delivering strong results in the months to come.

    Overall, the publication of the financial statement is a positive development for Shubh Sandesh Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society, demonstrating its commitment to transparency and financial accountability. With continued strong performance, the cooperative is well-positioned to maintain its position as a leading cooperative in the region.

    Monthly Financial Information For Member

    Published by ShubhaSandesh Multipurpose Office Page on 2079-12-2

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