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SUNRISE SHARE DHANI KHATA is published by Sunrise Bank Limited published on Official Page on 2076-8-5


Sunrise Share Dhani Khata is developed for shareholders of Sunrise Bank Limited targeting the share applicants of the bank who have been allotted shares in the Initial Public Offering of the Bank. This product also covers those shareholders who purchase shares from secondary market and become shareholder of the bank. 

Product Description:

  • Interest Rate
  • Interest Calculation: On daily basis, Quarterly Compounding
  • Minimum Balance Required: NRs. 100
  • ABBS facility: Free of any charge for the depositor.
  • E-banking facility: Free of charge.
  • Mobile banking facility: Free of charge for 1st year.
  • D-Mat account free of charge
  • Insurance coverage shall be limited to 4 times of the balance on saving account maintained on preceding day end of the accident or NPR 500,000 whichever is less.
  • The health insurance facility shall be up to  25% of  weighted average deposit during last 365 days of saving deposit or the bill amount whichever is lower, with a maximum limitation of Rs. 1,00,000 (In Words: One Lakh Only)  only hospitalized case or 150 exclusion daycare treatments THRICE a year.

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