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Head Office:
P.O. Box: 15203, Gairidhara Crossing, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 4004560, 4004561, 4004562,Fax: 977-1-4422475, Email: [email protected],SWIFT: SRBLNPKA,
Sunrise Bank published notices in different Newspaper and digital media which is related to Vacancy Announcements, Quarterly Interest Rate, Reports, Sealed Bids, Tender, Quotation, AGM Meeting, Share IPO, Right Share, Auction, DEMAT Account, Dividends, Cash, Bonus, Land Requirement, Scholarship Notice, Chip Card, Credit Transaction Charges, Banking Service Interruption, Joint Operation, Interest Subsidy, KYC Updates, ATM PIN Change, ASBA,  Quarterly Interest Rate, Capital Structure and many more.

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Nepse Information of Sunrise Bank Limited

Fiscal Year 079/080
Quarter q3
EPS 15.43
Book Value RS. 175.14
Paidup CapitalRS. 10118892809
Base Rate11.34%
CD Ratio87.1%
Spread Rate4.15%

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Latest Schemes


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Introduction Sunrise Share Dhani Khata is developed for shareholders of Sunrise Bank Limited targeting the share applicants of the bank who have been allotted shares in the Initial Public Offering of the Bank. This product also covers those shareholders who purchase

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Sunrise Sajilo Karja

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Sunrise Sajilo Karja provides you an easy access to finance. You can use this fund in fulfilling your various social needs- from celebrating social/religious ceremonies like marriage, ‘Pasni’, ‘Bratabandha’ etc.  to financing higher education, travelling, covering home refurbishment, acquiring consumer durables and meeting

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In an economy driven by an appetite for success, Sunrise Bank Limited is "Rising to Serve" by defining new levels of services and products. As a bank founded by reputed entrepreneurs, we understand the needs of a growing economy and are well equipped to serve them.
Our team of seasoned banking and management professionals has dedicated themselves to establishing an institution determined to cater to the needs of all, be it big or small. Your aspirations are our benchmarks and we will always be "Rising to Serve".


The overall objective of the bank is to contribute to Nation Building and meeting the expectation of its shareholders, depositors, customers, and other stakeholders. the bank has committed to continuously strive for realizing its objectives by leading the banking in every front with:

The expanded presence within and outside the country, Targetting under-served or potential service areas like SMEs and Retail businesses, Reshaped and restructured bank's infrastructures and systems, Serviced by efficient and knowledgeable staffs, The high degree of compliance and risk management

Capital Structure

The Authorized Capital of the Bank is Rs. 10,000 Million, Paid-up Capital Rs. 8,152,555,851, Promoter Shares 51.10% of the Paid-up Capital, Public Shares 48.90% of the Paid-up Capital