We Pay Pvt. Ltd. (We Pay)

Head Office: Kathmandu Metropolitian City-11, Website: http://www.wepay.com.np/

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About WePay

We Pay is an initiation as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) Institution in Nepal for serving people at large from urban and up to the rural clients through WePay Life Style Digital Wallet to include them in mainstream economy and solve their day-to-day banking and payments problem. It functions both in telecommunications network as well as card network, thus inclusive to all sections of life. We are licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank.

Our Vision

“Viable, efficient and credible Payment Service Provider with Value delivery to the people at large by integrating the customers digitally at national and international level”


“To be a pioneer and inclusive payment service provider in the country and region with reliable, inexpensive, secured, real-time and affordable digitized services including mobile financial service to promote the inclusive finance for people at large including the underserved sections and rural areas”