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We are SmartCard

Smart Card Nepal is a unique type of digital payment wallet service in Nepal which provides customers to perform financial transactions on eWallet. Smart Card Nepat Pvt. Ltd is licensed by Nepal rastra bank in 2071 B.S. For busy professionals to perform hassle free and flexible financial transactions, Smart Card Nepal has developed a new smart deposit system with wallet service.

With these smart deposit and wallet system users can undeniably make financial transactions through smart wallets which are available online at this time and in plan to make offline service in near future.Uncomplicated payment of various utility bills builds up this smart wallet more user companionable and assists people to deposit their amount in their bank account within the smart card network on a secured way.

Our Consumer can utilize smart web/mobile applications for different utility bills payment, online shopping, school/college fee payment, insurance premium and many more. Smart card is an emerging online digital payment solution for those who want to deposit their micro savings. Through smart deposit and wallet systems any consumer can pay, receive and send money soberly by molding use of their mobile phone and the internet abruptly.