The Nepal Rastra Bank was established on April 26, 1956 A.D. under the Nepal Rastra Bank Act 1955 AD to regulate and systematize the domestic financial sector. As the central bank of Nepal, it is the monetary, supervisory and regulatory body of all the commercial banks. financial institutions and micro-finance.


Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the Central Bank of Nepal, was established in 1956 under the Nepal Rastra Bank Act, 1955, to discharge the central banking responsibilities including guiding the development of the embryonic domestic financial sector. Since inception, there has been a significant growth in both the number and the activities of the domestic financial institutions.

To reflect this dynamic environment, the functions and objectives of the Bank have been recast by the new NRB Act of 2002, the preamble of which lays down the primary functions of the Bank as:

- to formulate necessary monetary and foreign exchange policies to maintain the stability in price and consolidate the balance of payments for sustainable development of the economy of Nepal;

- to develop a secure, healthy and efficient system of payments;

- to make appropriate supervision of the banking and financial system in order to maintain its stability and foster its healthy development; and

- to further enhance the public confidence in Nepal's entire banking and financial system.

The Bank is eminently aware that, for the achievement of the above objectives in the present dynamic environment, sustained progress and continued reform of the financial sector is of utmost importance. Continuously aware of this great responsibility, NRB is seriously pursuing various policies, strategies and actions, all of which are conveyed in the annual report on monetary policy.


To become “ A modern, dynamic, credible and effective Central Bank”


To maintain macro-economic stability through sound and effective monetary, foreign exchange and financial sector policies.

NRB Governors over the years


Name of Governor

Term of office


Mr. Himalaya Shumsher J.B. Rana

April 26, 1956 – February 7, 1961


Mr. Laxmi Nath Gautam

February 8, l961 – June 17,  l965


Mr. Pradyuma Lal Rajbhandari

June l8, l965 – August 13, l966


Dr. Bhekh Bahadur Thapa

August 14, l966 – July 26, l967


Dr. Yadav Prasad Pant

April 24, l968 – April 28, l973


Mr. Kul Shekhar Sharma

April 29, l973 – December 12,  l978


Mr. Kalyana Bikram Adhikary

June 13, l979 – December 8,  l984


Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Thapa

March 25, l985 – May 22, l990


Mr. Hari Shankar Tripathi

August 10, l990 – January 17,  l995


Mr. Satyendra Pyara Shrestha

January l8, l995 – January l7,  2000


Dr. Tilak Bahadur Rawal

January l8, 2000 - January l7, 2005


Mr. Deependra Purush Dhakal

August 29, 2000 – April 27,  2001


Mr. Bijaya Nath Bhattarai

January 31, 2005 –January 30, 2010


Mr. Deependra Bahadur Kshetry

January 15, 2009 – July 26, 2009


Dr. Yuba Raj Khatiwada

March 22, 2010 - March 19, 2015


Dr. Chiranjibi Nepal

March 19, 2015 - Present