Our Web portal: www.financialnotices.com

To make your information and notices easily accessible to customers and clients, we have pitched the idea in the form of www.financialnotices.com. We will be the go-to web portal for financial notices where the customers can:
• View every single financial notice in one single place. 
• Print and download the notices.
• Find the latest news related to bank and financial institutions
• Email alert system for new notices (after subscribing to the e-newslatter)
• Covers all daily newspapers and online financial web portals.
• Filtering options to choose the specific institution and choose them directly. 
• All information regarding the new offer/schemes, Branch locations, ATM networks, and branchless banking agents.


Our application on Play Store: “Financial notices”

Recognizing the need for building easy access to these issues, “Financial notices.com” has also launched its own app through which consumers can regularly be updated with notices and policies that are published in newspapers and individual website. The consumers are now a scroll away from the access to their desired information through our go-to mobile application where the users can use the facilities of:
1. Filter option:
Users can easily filter notice of specific bank and financial institutions as per the different categories

2. Notification:
All registered users get notification of updates, notices after setting filter option 

3. Favorite:
Users can mark required notices as favorite.

4. Download & Share Facility:
User can download and share notices in their respective social media.

5. Date Based Search Facility:
Users can search for notices according to the date.

6. Latest Financial News:
Viewers can find news related to financial institutions which are published in various economic web portals in Nepal.

7. Secure & Fast: 
Users can get instant and accurate news related to any financial institution.

8. Covers all Newspaper:
Users can find all finance-related notices published in different newspapers.

9. Amazing Support:
Users can get direct help of an authority in case of need. 

10. Financial Institution info:
All the information regarding the Branch locations, ATM Networks, and Branchless Banking Agents can be found easily.

11. Financial Literacy:
It plays a vital role to promote financial literacy among the general public.

12. Other Facilities:
Users can use facilities such as EMI Calculator, Daily Share Market Price, IPO/FPO Result, Mero share login, PAN No. Search and can get information about foreign exchange rates.

Mobile App Download Link: