Frequently Asked Questions for Financial Institutions

Financial Notices is Digital Notice Portal, has been transforming access to financial notices around the nation. It is Nepal's leading Bank and Financial Institutions notice service provider, licensed by the Government of Nepal. We are pioneers and are the leader of notice base financial literacy providers in Nepal. Financial Notices provide their services through website, android and ios app too.
Financial Notices provides a platform to consolidate the notices, audio notice, the latest news, new scheme, upcoming events, investment opportunity and important information of every BFIs and disseminate them to users through the web portal and Mobile Application (Android & iOS). It includes all financial notices that are published in different news Print Media and on the individual websites of the financial companies.

With the development of financial sectors, people make numerous financial activities and they need to know the right information and notices about their banks. In today’s busy world, it’s quite hectic to retrieve all the notices and get updates. They can't identify their financial institutions notice publishing newspapers and also they don't have sufficient time to read every newspaper. Also, we cannot go through financial institutions' respective websites separately or every online newspapers website. So financial notices are the best place to get all notice and information you want about different financial institutions in one place with one click.
Every financial organization, registered members can publish their related notices and information on their own respective page. They can publish notices 24/7 on a regularly basis.
Financial notices, release their notices and immediately are also made published on All Financial notices are updated promptly.
Viewers or Users can visit the website as its 24/7 hours live. Also, you can keep your email address to subscribe to us. No need to sign up or create profiles to get noticed. All Subscribed viewer’s get daily email alert after the notice has been uploaded. It’s totally free of cost.
It covers all Newspaper throughout Nepal, It’s included all financial related notices and information that are published in different daily Newspapers like Kantipur, Nagarik, Karobar, Annapurna Post, Naya Patrika, The Himalayan Times & so on.
Viewers don’t have to register. They can simply visit the website and get information. Financial institutions need to be registered member to publish their notices and it is very simple. Simply click on New User? Or (go to Login button and click on Register a new user) on the website and enter your institutions details information with username and password. Now you can publish your notices.
We have packages for the 1 month Trial, 6 months and yearly. You can choose your plan as appropriate. You have to pay as per our package plan and can renew it or switch to another plan after the completion of the contract.
Absolutely! We're so confident you'll agree is so easy to use, upload your all notices, we offer a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee on the Trial package. There is full access, no restrictions, and no hidden costs. That's why we'll send you your package Risk-Free for 30-days to see for yourself just how easy it is. Once the trial period is over select your preferable cheap rate plan.
Yes, every financial institution can simply pay with Interbank Payment System of Nepal Clearing House Limited - (NCHL-IPS). Likewise, there are many other payment methods. E.g. Cash Payment, Bank Deposit, Cheque Deposit at the feasible account to you. mission is to establish a long-term relationship between customer and financial institutions. We make your financial information more visible and marketable to your existing and prospective clients and reinforce the brand with new offers and policies that helps in the promotion and growth of your organization.
You can visit our website and get the necessary information. Our company Triumph Media Pvt Ltd. is located in Nayabazar-16 Kathmandu, Nepal. You can make a personal visit at office hours. For support, you can also email us 24/7 hours at [email protected]