Unnati Microfinacne Bittiya Sanstha Limited (UMB)

Head Office:
Padsari-1, Rupandehi, Nepal
Tel.: 071-521127 / 521126, E-mail: unnatihrmrc@gmail.com
News, Reports and Information is released by Unnati Microfinacne in Newspapers.  Various notices of Unnati Microfinance are notice of Sealed Bids, Tender Notice, Listing Notice, Share IPO, FPO, Auction, Bonus and Right Share Notice, Loan Payments Notice, Interest Rate Notice, AGM Notice, ASBA System Notice and so on.

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Unaudited Financial Results

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Rights Share Distribution

Abhiyan Newspaper

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Share Auction Notice

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Right Share Auction Notice

Abhiyan News Paper

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