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Singhadurbar Plaza, Kathmandu
Tel: +977-1-425-2595, Call Centre No: +977-1-5970018, Fax: +977-1-425-2931, Post-Box No.:8368, E-mail: [email protected], Web: www.rbb.com.np
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RBBL USSD Mobile Banking

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यो सेवाका लागि ग्राहक माहनुभावहरुकोः १. रा. बा. बैंकमा खाता भएको हुनुपर्ने । २. जुनसुकै ठाउँबाट पनि विना ईन्टरनेट कारोवार गर्न सकिने । ३. वार्षिक रु ५० मात्र रजिष्ट्रेशन शुल्क लाग्ने । ४. बिश्वासिलो र सुरक्षीत रुपमा कारोवार गर्न सकिने । ५. सुरुमा बैंकमा गई

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RBB Credit Card Service

Published Date:

जीवन सहज बनाई दिने आफ्नैले त हो नी ! RBBL Credit Card प्रयोग गर्नुहोस्, हामी बिच रहेको विश्वास प्रति गर्व गर्नुहोस् । निम्न विभिन्न विशेषताहरूको साथमा :- - २० हजार देखी ५ लाख सम्मको Credit Limit - नेपाल, भारत र भुटानमा चल्ने - प्रतिष्पर्धी

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तपाईले विदेशबाट पठाएको पैसा सिधै रेमिटान्स खातामा।

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तपाईले विदेशबाट पठाएको पैसा सिधै रेमिटान्स खातामा। ब्याज आम्दानी पनि हुने सेवा सुविधा पनि पाइने । केहि सुझाव, सल्लाह वा गुनासो भएमा : +977-1-5970018 � [email protected] � www.rbb.com.np #राष्ट्रियवाणिज्यबैंक #तपाईंकोआफ्नैबैंक #आफ्नोभनेकोआफ्नैहुन्छ #RBBRemittance #TransferMoney

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RBB Mobile Banking

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Published on:Gorkha Patra

तपाईले विदेशबाट पठाएको पैसा सिधै रेमिटान्स खातामा। ब्याज आम्दानी पनि हुने सेवा सुविधा पनि पाइने । केहि सुझाव, सल्लाह वा गुनासो भएमा : +977-1-5970018 � [email protected] � www.rbb.com.np #राष्ट्रियवाणिज्यबैंक #तपाईंकोआफ्नैबैंक #आफ्नोभनेकोआफ्नैहुन्छ #RBBRemittance #TransferMoney

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RBBL Ltd. - established on January 23, 1966 ( 2022 Magh 10 ) - a synonymous of stable and people's bank in Nepal - is one of the pioneer Bank in the country with the history of nearly a half-century. Earlier constituted under RBB act 2021 with the full ownership of the government of Nepal, the Bank has been running under Bank and Financial Institute Act ( BAFIA ) and Company Act (CA) 2063 at present. The Bank licensed by NRB as an 'A' class commercial bank of the country, has grown up as an indispensable component of the Nepalese economy.

RBBL � which has made the glorious history of contributing for the monetization of the economy , eliminating dual currency in the market, initiating preliminary financial literacy, help flourish industrial, commercial and financial sector of the country has now emerged as a modern and strong financial institute of the country. The Bank with 2600 hands has expanded its wings in the most part of the country through multiple distribution outlets of 236 branches, 17 counters, 93 branchless banking (BLB) and 165 ATMs. The Bank with the highest public confidence- reflected in the highest deposit base and growing demand for branch establishment in the various parts -has stood as a pyramid in the financial arena of the country. The Bank with as many as 1.7 millions satisfied /direct customers ranging from poor to elite ones and millions of indirect ones, has drawn important imprint in the picture of country's economy through its significant involvement in the best use of its resources to enhance the production, income and employment opportunities. The Bank is fully committed to contributing its best for the socio-economic development of the country and people in the days to come.