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Head Office:
Pako Newroad, Kathmandu, Nepal
GPO Box No.:10390, Tel.: 4246402, 4241244, 4254929, Fax: 977-1-4246403, E-mail: [email protected]
Progressive Finance published notices in print and digital web media in Nepal. Mainly Their Notices are related with Sealed Bids, Tender Notice, Financial Notice, ASBA System, Demat Account, Share IPO, FPO, Bonus, Right Share, Auction Notice, Interest Rates, Loan Payments, Business Hours, ATM Location, KYC Form Updates and so on.

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Share Price Rs. 336(2024-05-26)
PE Ratio -26.94
PBV 5.45
Fiscal Year 080/081
Quarter q2
EPS -12.47
Book Value RS. 61.66
Paidup CapitalRS. 848106000
Base Rate13.13%
CD Ratio75.97%
Spread Rate4.59%
52 Weeks High Price Rs. 465
52 Weeks Low Price Rs. 269.1

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Progressive Finance Limited is a Public Limited Company registered on 14th Ashwin, 2051 under the Company Act, 2021 BS. We are a C-class licensed financial institution under Nepal Rastra Bank 2062 31’1’ Act. Located at the heart of Kathmandu – Pako, Newroad, we started our operations from 14th Falgun 2052 BS. Our name was changed to Progressive Finance Limited from Merchant Finance Limited in 2067 upon the approval of company’s Annual General Meeting, Nepal Rastra Bank and Company Registrar’s office. Going public on 28th Shrawan 2064, we issued 120,000 shares for initial public offering. Later, with the reissuance of 59,01,000 right shares in the ratio of 1:2.81, we have as of now reached the total paid up capital of Rs. 80,01,00,000 on date 15th Baishakh 2076.

Progressive Finance Limited succeeds in establishing itself as a reputed and reliable financial institution in Nepal by offering attractive interest rates and satisfying the customers at the same time. The company fulfills financial needs of the customers in an easy way with average interest rates and different schemes and facilities. It helps secure the depositors life-time savings offering them an attractive return on their savings.