Ramsahay Yadav Elected as 3rd Vice President of Nepal

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Ramsahay Yadav Elected as 3rd Vice President of Nepal

In a recent development, Ramsahay Prasad Yadav has been elected as the Vice President of Nepal. Yadav, who is a candidate of the Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP), secured 30,028 votes in the election held on Friday, 3rd Chaitra, 2079.

According to reports, 329 state assembly members and 184 federal parliamentarians voted for Yadav, who received support from various political parties including Congress, Maoist Center, and United Socialists, among others.

Ashtalakshmi Shakya, the candidate from the UML party, received 169 votes from state assembly members and 104 votes from federal MPs. Meanwhile, Mamta Jha, the candidate from Janmaat Party, received 15 votes from state assembly members and 23 votes from federal parliamentarians. Pramila Yadav, who had withdrawn her candidacy, received one vote from a state assembly member.

The election was held among 333 federal parliamentarians and 550 provincial assembly members, with the vote weight of federal MPs being 79 and that of state assembly members being 48.

Yadav's election as the Vice President marks a significant moment in Nepali politics, and many are hopeful that his tenure will bring about positive change and progress for the country.

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